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Workflow use cases

Discussion created by Sjaak Overgaauw on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Sophie Banerjee

Hi all,

I'm curious how you guys use Boomi in combination with workflow use cases. Examples:


  • Approve documents like invoices, sales orders using approval hierarchies
  • Subscription renewal


Basically, you see many these type of asynchronous processes when there is some kind of human interaction needed

or when a process is waiting for external events. For example status changes. Some characteristics of a workflow process is that its stateful so it knows where it should continue as soon as the process is started again. 

In addition to that, document data might be changed or added during execution. And it has a GUI for human interactions.


What kind of tools do you guys use to design solutions for use cases like this? The integration and MDM part can of course be done by Boomi, but what about the workflow part? I prefer decoupled solutions, so the workflow tool should run on its own. Preferably, a Boomi like solution, so cloud based, REST API's, zero-code.


This will help architects to develop alternative solutions for the monolithic legacy systems which often offer embedded solutions. The monolithic approach...and we all know how difficult it is to upgrade or replace these monsters 


Btw: are there any plans  to extend the Boomi platform with a workflow module?