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Question asked by jeevan.gyawali354248 on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by pwhite704435

My HTTP Connector makes calls to different PI WebIDs that return JSONs with List of attributes and corresponding values. However, the list id is a auto generated number and not the attribute name. I am having a hard time mapping this list - mainly because different WebIDs have different lengths of attributes, or attributes in different order and there's no way to dynamically map these to correct attribute names.


For example:

1st JSON looks like:

{ Items: [ {"Name" : "AmineStrength","value":"2.30"},{"Name" :"Chlorine","value":"4.5"}] }


2nd JSON looks like:

{Items: [{"Name" : "Chlorine", "value":"5.6"},{"Name":"Children","value":["children1","children2"]}]}


I need to get the Chlorine from both of these to my output JSON.


I can't map Item[1].value in the JSON profile because the second item has Chlorine in Item[2].


There are two options I am thinking:

1. Retrieve JSON in a way to include Item.Name as it's column instead of auto generated Array Item number. I don't know if it's possible to do that in PI Web Service API


2. Somehow create a Map in boomi that looks at the name of the items before it pulls the value. I don't know how to create such dynamic maps.


Please advise. James Ahlborn John Jacobs