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SQL Connection Licensing

Question asked by redhatva on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by BrandonHilton2441

In an attempt to bring down the number of licenses we are consuming - I found that we have several database connections pointing to the same instance of MS SQL. I was advised that each database on that instance needs a separate and licensed connection - is this true?


For example - DB Connection 1 - user = bob, server = acme, db = accounting1

DB connection 2 - user = bob, server = acme, db = accounting2


To me this is very expensive to require a separate connection.. What would stop me from placing views and stored procedures on DB1 or DB2 to accomplish the workaround? Or better DB Connection 3 could point to Master or MSDB and all calls be prefixed with the db.schema naming syntax.


Anyone have any advice on this subject?