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Netsuite Saved Search - custom list values not returned

Question asked by GuinScholl3001 on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Adam Arrowsmith

I realize that there have been numerous questions on this, but I thought I would ask this question a different way and those members that have had a lot of experience working with Netsuite and Saved Searches in particular might have an opinion on whether I should just use the regular QUERY operation against individual Inventory Item, Assembly Item, Kitted Item objects to achieve what I want.   


I've tried for several days now to use the Saved Search (with advanced search option enabled).  I am able to execute the Search against Netsuite fine and it returns all item records that match the Saved Search results in Netsuite.  So the operation is working.    However, when I examine the Webservices log in Netsuite, the XML Response is not including the VALUES for custom fields that are custom lists.  It is only returning the InternalID values for those custom fields.  The text value representations are no where to be found in the Netsuite response.  


I've modified the response profile and expanded the elements so that I see a searchValue element in the profile. However, I believe that that is not going to accomplish anything since the raw response coming from Netsuite does NOT have the values, it only has the internalIDs.


Anyone have an ideas on whether there are any configuration settings I could try to adjust to ensure Netsuite returns the text VALUES for these custom list fields?   


If I do NOT use an "Advanced Search", but do a regular QUERY operation against for example the "Inventory Item" object, then my 100+ custom list fields are returned with text VALUES perfectly.


I'm about to give up trying to use Advanced Search for Item searches and just query the Item objects directly.  If anyone else has seen this and figured out how to force Netsuite to return the VALUES in a Saved Search (advanced search) response, any tips would be appreciated.     Although I'm not sure what else could be sent in the request to differentiate it.   Here is the BODY of the raw advanced search request that is being sent for my request.


<platformMsg:search xmlns:platformMsg="">
<platformMsg:searchRecord savedSearchScriptId="customsearch_lc_xgn_item_sync" xmlns:ns2="" xsi:type="ns2:ItemSearchAdvanced">
<ns2:criteria xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns3=""/>


If anyone has any thoughts, much appreciated.