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How to find Internal Id of a NetSuite Tax Schedule

Question asked by kszczurowski527877 on Oct 7, 2016
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Hello All, 

My Task is to load list of SKUs from a CSV file to NetSuite Non-Inventory Item for Sale.

I have created the process and map all required fields and it was working all fine.

Last week, Finance Department informed us they have switched on Tax Schedule in NetSuite making TaxSchedule field mandatory on the Item record.

When I run my process now, I get an error message that TaxSchedule value is required. 

I have tried to search for it in our setup (tax schedule is NS out-of-the-box function) but it is nowhere to be found.

I can find the setup for the tax schedule but it does not have internal Id. All I can find is the tax schedule records (i.e. Product, Description, settings for US Nexuses, Non US Nexuses and so on)

I did some googling and found out this date April 2015: 


From NetSuite support:

Thank you for contacting NetSuite Customer Support. At this time, the Tax Schedule is not exposed to SuiteTalk. We do have an Enhancement Request logged for this feature request and it has been updated with your account information and comments. Our Product Management team periodically reviews these Enhancement Requests and perhaps this will be available in a future release.

Enhancement # - 217321


Do you guys know if this is still the case?

Thank you