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Question asked by praneeth.kodali691608 on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Adam Arrowsmith

We are using EBS connector in our process to create Party Id in EBS R12.2.4  by  using Oracle E-Business standared API HZ_PARTY_V2PUB CREATE_ORGANIZATION .  We have imported the API and created request and response profiles for  HZ_PARTY_V2PUB CREATE_ORGANIZATION EXECUTE Request.  We have passed the below mandatory input parameters to the the HZ_PARTY_V2PUB CREATE_ORGANIZATION API in mapping to generate Party ID and Party Number. However the connector operation is failing with error. 



  • p_init_msg_list 
  • p_organization_rec 
  • created_by_module 

I suspect issue could be setting below organization id before running the script . Could you please let us know on how to set these ones before calling HZ_PARTY_V2PUB CREATE_ORGANIZATION API?

EXEC mo_global.init (‘AR’);
EXEC mo_global.set_org_context(<org_id>, NULL, ‘AR’);
EXEC fnd_global.set_nls_context(‘AMERICAN’);
EXEC mo_global.set_policy_context(‘S’, <org_id>);

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