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SFTP move a specific file to a folder

Question asked by bela.vizer704575 on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by Adam Arrowsmith

Hi everyone,


I would like to use SFTP Get and Move operation to move a specific file to a folder. The file name is dynamic, determined during process execution therefore file name filter cannot be used. Problem I cannot tell Boomi to do that. Here is what I did. Add an SFTP GET shape, add connection, add Get and Delete operation. On the operation settings do not set folder and file name filter. Add a set properties shape with:

  • SFTP File Name
  • SFTP Move to Directory


When I execute I can see that Boomi gets all the file from SFTP (so obviously file name is not used) and do nothing (at least it did not delete all the files...).


How can I tell Boomi to Move only file with specific file name (and again file name is determined dynamically).


BTW use case is this:

There are multiple files on SFTP, process them one by one, do whatever is needed. If *1* file process was *successful*, move it to *success* folder. Then continue with the other files from that SFTP and do the same.


Thanks for the help