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How to use Decision Step or if else or a loop?

Question asked by shaibayan.chakrabarti181935 on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Adam Arrowsmith

Hi All,


We have a scenario where in we are logging into a SFTP server, lookup a file with folder names and then based on that we go to each folder pickup files and then move on to the next folder to pick up files.


The problem we are having is only the first Folder name in the file used for lookup is considered and files are picked up only from the Folder which is mentioned at first of the file. Rest are not considered.


Ex: Lookupfile.txt

Contents are:





When the process runs if Lookupfile.txt contains FolderABC as first entry only files from this folder is considered.


How to implement a decision to look for all the folders and then pick all which contains files?


Something like a if blank then move on else pick the file.