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Can HTTP Connector Operation select parent and child objects in the same REST Call?

Question asked by mbrucker659707 on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by mbrucker659707

When using Postman to complete REST calls Workfront the Project and all of the child objects (collections) can be pulled in the same call using the following string:,rates:*,projectUsers:*,roles:*,projectUserRoles:*


When attempting to use the same test in the HTTP Connector operation the call is rejected.

Log details:

Sending GET request to server URL,rates:*,projectUsers:*,roles:*,projectUserRoles:*


Error message received from Http Server, Code 405: Method Not Allowed


Replacing the '*' in the string produces this error:

"error": {
"class": "java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException",
"message": "APIModel V4_0 does not support namedQuery search&fields=ID,rates:ID,projectUsers:ID,roles:ID,projectUserRoles:ID (PROJ)"

The Workfront API is adding the string '(PROJ)' to the end of the message.


Is it possible to pull parent and child objects in REST call using the HTTP Connector?


Does anyone have examples of string used to complete this type of call with other applications?


See attachment for sample data from successful call using Postman.