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Need help- SF LMS OData API Error when searching Learning document

Question asked by naveen.intg99 on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by 423849

I am trying to get the SAP SuccessFactors Learning documents related to learning items but i am getting error json response. 


I am first  calling API to get the token fand then making another Get API to get the document location payload and getting error

} }


GET API call:--



Getting Error Response:

But getting below error JSon response:

"error": {
"code": null,
"message": "ERROR:\n"


What is the above error message means? Which side is the issue boomi or success factor. Any help is appreciated.



As per documentation: I am expecting below response.


GET /learning/odatav4/learningPlan/v1/LearningItemDocuments

?$filter=lisCriteria/itemID eq '1147305822'

and lisCriteria/itemTypeID eq 'COURSE' and lisCriteria/revisionDate eq 1147304737000




@odata.context: "$metadata#LearningItemDocuments"

value: [1]


pkID: "Net101-COURSE-1147304730000"

componentTypeID: "COURSE"

componentID: "Net101"

revisionDate: 1147304730000

documentID: "Net101_IB"

reviewFlag: false

documentTitle: "Networking 101 Instructor Book"

documentLocation: ""

lisCriteria: null

} }




Any help is appreciated