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Boomi Logs and Completion status - Connecting SAP PI using WS SOAP Client

Question asked by sujith.vm901110 on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by cgohil21

Hello ,


I am pasting below the logs from the Boomi Process, which is using SOAP Web Service Client to connect one of the SAP PI web service. Though you could see the process has been completed successfully from Boomi side, the SAP PI server has not received the request.

1) I am wondering can we not trust the logs from Boomi,which says shape executed successfully?                                              Or I am miss interpret something??

2) Is the green light which is shown till Web Service Soap Client has end there itself and has not moved to Stop activity, is that means the WS SOAP Client activity has not properly ended?? ,what is it's significance. I assume it may be because the SOAP call is Async , so I do not except any response as such. However it has to be moved it Stop right ,as the logs says shape executed successfully? I don't know . Please advice.