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How can I retrieve the events with same effective dates?

Question asked by vitugjc815825 on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by vitugjc815825

Hi Boomi Master's and Guru's,


I need a small help here.

I'm currently having an issue in processing the records from SuccessFactors,

The problem is when there is a multiple events with the same effective dates, SFAPI only returning the MOST RECENT records even if the parameter I'm using is intended to return all the details for a specific employee in CompoundEmployee. 

Here's how I query the data in CompoundEmployee


Here's the records looks like in SuccessFactors job information history.




After sending request to query the data in CompoundEmployee using SFAPI. The only records that we are receiving in job_informations is the most recent data, in the attached SuccessFactors screenshot the only information retrieved is the 2of2 records. The 1 of 2 is not return to boomi.


I also tried to query the record using SFODATA.EmpJob and EmpJob portlet and still the only records available is the  2 of 2 records.



Question: Is there a way to retrieve these two events with same effective date in SuccessFactors? 


I hope someone could help solve this problem.


Thanks in advance!



Jay Vee