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Profile mapping fail with Successfactors compound employee

Question asked by GarethHughes8951 on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by jclark1648648

I'm just getting into Successfactors. We have a test instance running.

I've managed to build a Query for CompoundEmployee and get 3 results back.

I then pumped that data into a Map with the SuccessFactors CompoundEmployee QUERY Response on the left of the Map


The map fails with the usual complaint that the profile is wrong. It's definitely not and I've definitely not used the wrong profile etc.

So how do I get any further in fixing this? Do I need a support ticket? Is there any logging behind the scenes on the Atom that will tell me which field it is stuck on?


I'm suspicious because the profile doesn't have the Id field or the execution_timestamp field. But everything else looks ok.

Or is it a namespace issue?




I'm getting back the absolute minimum


<person xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="">
<execution_timestamp xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="">2016-10-26T16:36:35.000Z</execution_timestamp>
<version_id xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="">1608P0</version_id>


Many thanks