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Is it possible to do a Linux unattended atom installation and keep the atom running in the foreground?

Question asked by minh.nguyen700721 on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by brian_otoole

I have done an unattended atom installation following instructions at Unattended installation of an Atom,Molecule, or Atom Cloud , but I have a requirement to keep the atom running in the foreground. 


My use case:

I'm building my own Docker image using the provided Linux install script. However, when the Docker container starts and completes the installation of the Atom, since the Atom is running in the background, the container will just exit. I am currently using workarounds such as running 'bin/bash' or 'tail -f /dev/null' at the end of the installtion to provide a foreground process to keep the container alive. If there is a way to keep the atom running in the foreground itself, that would be helpful.