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Unable to see the body of the SOAP Request profile while Import

Question asked by sujith.vm901110 on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by ashwini_ambatipudi1



I have a strange problem , when I tried to import the SOAP profile using  "Web Services SOAP Client Operation". 

The issue is that when I am importing a SOAP Object , the SOAP Request & Response profiles gets generated without the body but only with Envelop :-((.  Given below is the screen shots 




Request Profile From SOAP Client Operation::



Response Profile from SOAP Client Operation ::



And the Web Server SOAP object "getStockChecker"  input XML and output XML are shown below.




Request Profile :: DefaultReqXML ::



Response Profile :: DefaultRespXML




I was expecting the above ones to be displayed , when I import using SOAP WS Client.


Hint :: Is that something todo with namespaces ?? I am not sure though