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Fail the map in case of non-specific Special Chars

Question asked by nirupama110156 on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Adam Arrowsmith

We are facing a Scenario in EDI mapping, where input file is in XML format.The scenario is that there are some specific special chars viz Ã,Ç etc; which is allowed to process and apart from this in case if any such chars (viz. Ü) which is not specific appears throughout the file; then the map should get failed with an error message.

For better understanding, here is the details of our requirement:For better understanding, here is the details of our requirement:


The replacement of special chars should, ideally, happen before the translation map (so, would be a separate object on the Boomi diagram, happening before the map).


That’s because all text fields on the input file can contain special chars, and also because in the future we might want to use a source field currently not used (so, applying a rule field by field would not be efficient or easy to maintain).


So, it’s easier, for maintaining the solution in the future, and as a good practice, to just replace any special chars present in the input file by standard ones.


And for special chars not present on the replacement table, we would have an error alert (stopping translation), so that EDI team knows a new char needs to be added to the table.


Something like this:



Please advise me if any solution is feasible.