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Is anyone else getting an "Auth Fail" error from their SFTP connector?

Question asked by blstucke477576 on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by ashwini_ambatipudi1

I have several deployed interfaces that have been executing for the last 3+ months sending information to a SFTP location. Yesterday, I started to get "Auth Fail" when I have not made any changes to the connectors. I was still able to open the SFTP location by other means using the same username and password. After about 3 hours, still with no changes to the SFTP connector, it started to work again correctly.  Now this morning, it is not working again.


I am using Cloud Atoms. When I ran the SFTP connector in test mode and in the Test Atom, it worked as expected. It did not work when I deployed the interface.


Is anyone else having the same issues?