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Problem creating valid Slack User JSON profile

Question asked by 42180167 on Nov 2, 2016
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I'm using Boomi's HTTP Client Connector to make an API call to fetch a User Profile from Slack. I tried using Boomi's Import feature to create the profile from a valid JSON response from that service but when i tried to use that profile within a Map I get errors.


Here's the API 


Here's what the response JSON looks like



"ok": true,

"profile": {

  "fields": {

    "Xf1D1ND000": { "value": "San Francisco", "alt": "" },

    "Xf1D1SAH6Z": { "value": "2nd Floor", "alt": ""},

    "Xf1MFW9DFS": { "value": "foo", "alt": "" }


  "first_name": "John",

  "last_name": "Doe",

  "title": "Developer", "phone": "555-111-2222",

  "avatar_hash": "81a1579e5a43",

  "image_24": "",

  "image_original": "",

  "real_name": "John Doe",

  "real_name_normalized": "John Doe",

  "email": ""




When I use the JSON profile created by importing that JSON and try to reference the field with name "Xf1D1ND000" in a map I get the following error message.


Input ProfileLocation: Root/Object/profile/Object/fields/Object; DocumentLocation: /Root/Object/profile/Object/fields/Object]: Expected START_OBJECT, found START_ARRAY


Then I tried editing the imported JSON profile and converting the "fields" element from an Object into an Array but then I get this error message.


Input ProfileLocation: Root/Object/profile/Object/fields/Array; DocumentLocation: /Root/Object/profile/Object/fields/Array]: Expected START_ARRAY, found START_OBJECT



Attaching screenshots of the 2 different profiles. The imported one and the custom edited one.


What's wrong with my profiles?