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How to trim TryCatch Message

Question asked by shyam.mohan.upadhyay560527 on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2016 by Adam Arrowsmith

Hi Team,


Below is the response that I am getting from the web server which I am trying to access.


[ns1:Client] Client Error; Fault.ResponseStatus=F; Fault.ResponseCode=1016; Fault.ResponseText=Unexpected error during request processing. (Server Message)
    Category: 3
    Number: 35101
    Call Sequence: ;CIPCOPSN
    Program Name: CIPCOPSN
    Text: SA Status is invalid.
    Description: Valid SA Status are Active and Pending Start
    Field:; Fault.ServerMessage.Category=3; Fault.ServerMessage.Number=35101; Fault.ServerMessage.CallSequence=;CIPCOPSN; Fault.ServerMessage.ProgramName=CIPCOPSN; Fault.ServerMessage.Text=SA Status is invalid.; Fault.ServerMessage.Description=Valid SA Status are Active and Pending Start


Now I only want Description out of it. How can I achieve it.