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HTTP Client Connection

Question asked by srishti.jaiswal584215 on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by Ramya_Nakkapalle

Hi All,


I Have a Source Connection as -$expand=Territories&;$filter=Territories/a… 


With Some Headers. 


The I am Passing Territory ID in a filter to get the relation between Touchpoints and territory. I have to upsert TouchPoints as accounts in salesforce. 

eg-- TouchPoints?$expand=Territories&;$filter=Territories/any(ac:ac/TerritoryID%20eq%204)


@How can set the TerritoryID dynamic? in HTTP client connector so that i get the relation dynamically ?? 


I have Endpoints  ( doesn't contain touchpoints)

and$expand=Territories&;$filter=Territories/a…  to Get Touchpoints by Territory.. Requirement is to upsert Touchpoints to accounts with territory name.