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Collecting Messages in Boomi

Question asked by navin_zachariah Employee on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2016 by navin_zachariah

Hi All -


Requesting your inputs in the below scenario.  

Source application(web) sends request in XML format and Boomi receives this using Webservice Listener. Source system sends one transaction at a time. Requirement in Boomi is to configure either of the below delay parameter options  

1. wait for a specific time(eg:20seconds)- once time is elapsed, collect all the requests into one message and send it to database to perform query.

2. configure number of requests expected - Once the count is met, collect all requests which came during this time and send it to database.  

How we can acheive the above options? Is there any Boomi feature to receive messages and store(stateful feature??) Something similar to BPM?  


When multiple requests are send to boomi process, basically it is treated as different executions. But what we need is to receive everything into first process which is invoked.