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Can you create a header on an x12 standard 834 using a message shape?

Question asked by AdamBlakely4561 on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by AdamBlakely4561

I'm sending a very large file through a XML to 834 map.  To do it efficiently, I am batching the XML first and sending each batch through at a time so I am only mapping the data in the 2000 loop.  I'm storing several values in dynamic process properties and placing them where I need to in the header using a message shape.  In my trading partner shape, I am adding tildes as my segment termination characters.  When I add my message shape to the combined 834 with all my members, all the data looks good.  Once it goes through the trading partner shape, the segments I added do not get tildes and my segment SE counts are off by the number of segments that my header information is long.


The contents of my message looks similar to the below message.  The numbers between curly brackets are the dynamic process properties that I'm adding to the header.




And I'm combining that message with my 834 contents which is 2000 loop information and up.  I'm making the header in a process call then combining the two documents once they've left the process call to make one large 834.  Is there a reason why my message information is not getting tildes in the trading partner shape and why my SE segment count is off?