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Problem with 'Find changes'

Question asked by dries.demoor955796 on Nov 30, 2016



In a process I insert transactional data into a database table.

This transactional data must be send to a payroll provider in XML format but only if it has changed since the previous run of the process.


So I used the “Find changes” shape. To build a process but I see the following behaviour:


First run: I’ve only on record in the transactional database which is mapped on the XML output format. Data is send to the Add path of the Find changes shape. Final XML contains only that record. This is OK

2nd run: Same record is in the transactional database, but no data has be changed. All fields that are mapped to the XML contain the same value. No data is send. No XML file is created. This is OK.

3rd run: Same record as in 1st & 2nd run is in transactional database, no data has been changed. All fields that are mapped to the XML contain the same value. But there is a 2nd transactional record. When the process is executed the update path is executed and both records end up in the final XML file. This is not what I should expect.

I expected:

  1. only the 2nd record to be processed via the Add path and not via the update path
  2. only the 2nd record in the final XML file because it’s the one that was added. Other record was not changed.


Can you confirm the Compare shape should work like I expect ?

Is there a way to "debug" the find changes" shape ?


Thanks a lot!