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Returning SOAP Fault through API

Question asked by martijn.keizer147426 on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Sjaak Overgaauw

I'm trying to get a web service up and running following a pre-defined (and government standard, so it's bound to be fairly complicated) interaction schema. I've included the WSDL and XSD that I need to use in the attachments. 

Working through the API components, I'm trying to use the Import Endpoint function, selecting the WSDL in question, and its attached dependent XSDs. However, when I try to import that, I get an error message, saying that the components could not be created:

I then tried to manually add the operations, and get it up and running. At least for as far as the interactions with the normal (successful) outcomes go, I was able to import them nicely. The eventual WSDL that was generated by the Atom looks enough like the WSDL I need to use (also, see attachment). This seems usable and imports nicely into SoapUI. However, I'm missing a vital part of this interaction: Returning SOAP fault messages when the interaction fails. I would need to send a message conforming to the "Fo03Bericht" message type, enclosed in a SOAP fault envelope instead of the normal SOAP envelope. 


Is there any way I can have Boomi send this Fo03Bericht type message in a Soap fault envelope when the process fails? 


I suspect the attempt to import this Soap Fault interaction is the reason for the failure in generating the components. Could this be correct, or is there something else going on?