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Send operation for Oracle AQ (Weblogic) does'nt work. However Listen works.

Question asked by santosh.gunasekaran854179 on Nov 23, 2016
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Hello Friends!  


We have a scenario to listen & send messages to Oracel AQ (Weblogic)

We could listen to queues/topics. But while sending a message to the queue/topic we get the following error:


WebLogic Topic Send completed with errors. Embedded message: Unable to send JMS message; Caused by: Unable to create initial context; Caused by: Failed to initialize JNDI


The very same JMS connector works all good for Listen Operation which means the JNDI is all set properly.


We have invested lot of time to research on this but of no use. What might be causing this issue? We created a support ticket but got the response that it might be a network connectivity issue. But if its a network issue then even the Listen scenario should not work, but in our case Listen works and Send does not work.


Any help in this regards is much appreciated.