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How to ZIP a file (.csv) using Data Process Shape >> 'ZIP' Processing step

Question asked by sujith.vm901110 on Nov 29, 2016
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I might be totally wrong here ..!!, but I have question on this ZIP functionality in the Data Process shape in Boomi.

Is it meant for zipping the records inside the file/document or zipping the entire file itself into .zip format ?

I was in an assumption that , this will do actual zipping of the file and outputs me with the filename I have provided in the Set Property with the extension (.zip). but it hasn't. 

See below process(Figure#1) , which I am GETing a ByDesign.csv file from my desktop location (Windows machine)  and trying to ZIP using data process shape. Please note I have not used Set Property to set the name and extension to ".zip" because , that's not worked for me.. And the output of the data process was a "1480413368121.dat"  document with junk data (make be zipped in binary format ???)(Figure#3, Figure#3.1) . But I am surprised to see that , when I changed this .dat file extenstion into .zip from my desktop location, I could see that a new file is present under that with actual valid data and ".dat" as extensions.







Target Location (My Windows Desktop Location) ::



But when I have changed the above .dat file into a .zip , I could see the file inside it with proper data





So my aim is to zip this input " ByDesign.csv" . How can I achieve this without my manual intervention?