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When querying customers from Netsuite using a saved search I am getting UNEXPECTED_ERROR

Question asked by 146071638 on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by Sjaak Overgaauw

I am trying to query customers from a Netsuite account using a saved search but sadly I am getting an UNEXPECTED_ERROR message. What is odd is that if I purposely insert the savedSearchID or savedSearchScriptID incorrectly I will get the proper error message for it. I worked on building a Netsuite integration for another account and I was able to successfully use a saved search to pull customers out so I am wondering if I forgot to set something else for the new account I am working with.


Additional Details


1) I am using the Boomi Netsuite connector

2) I am able to query for Customers from the connector, just not with a saved search

3) The login I am using has Admin role and I also attached a separate role which has full permission to Customers, Perform Search, and Record Custom Field.

4) Based on the KB article for Netsuite Integrations, I doubled checked my username and password was correct. Though for the previous NS account I used the oAuth key and tokens for authentication.


I've attached my request (partially masked the account number) and response. Any ideas of what the issue could potentially be? Thank you for your time and patience for reading this.