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How to define an object that allows any number of string fields

Question asked by cstaikos220972 on Nov 23, 2016
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We have an object type that has no required/pre-set fields, but actually allows any number of string fields. Within our service, we are detecting the fields sent and generating a SQL table based on what is received. 


How can we go about allowing this from our object definition? We have considered two options:


1) Object definition will be of the form {c1, c2,} where n is some large number. Users of our connector can then map their data to however many columns are needed. This is not an ideal user experience.


2) Object definition is blank, so no profile is generated on browse. Instead, the user is expected to manually create a profile before mapping their data. Any profile will be valid, as long as it sends some number of string fields at the root level. This is again not ideal as it expects extra work on the part of the user, which is different from what they would do for other object types.


Does Boomi have a story for this scenario? We'd essentially like the data on the left side of the map to be sent as is - sort of a dynamically generated profile.


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