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Strange behavior document cache

Question asked by 125604132 on Nov 24, 2016
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I have experienced this on multiple customer accounts and I can not see where I go wrong, I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.


I have a successfactors connector which I write to a cache (xml). I branched to load the data from cache for testing purposes.

I load a user profile and want to get the Business and Private email (added qualifiers in the XML, set to unbounded)

The profile that goes into the cache:



In the user_to_user mapping I mapped email adress from P and email addres from B, result:


That is correct.


But now, when I want to retrieve this data in a map function in another process (processes are combined in a parent process), it wont map the mail addresses, but (for example) it maps national ID?!



So, my guess is that:

the caching works (tried a separated to cache shape and the one inside the SuccessFactors connector.

the index works (it gets data in both map shapes)

the xml qualifier/unbounded settings works (because I get both addresses in the first map shape).


The same scenario happened with another client and I'm nog seeing it.


Sjaak Overgaauw: you always have great ideas, any suggestions here?