Run Boomi processes with a Chrome extension

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Why a Chrome extension at all?
I love Boomi. It's a fabulous tool that stands out distinctly in the crowd. Having developed a lot of processes, I have more or less worked with almost all of the features that Boomi exposes. All, but one - the BOOMI Atmosphere APIs. I never really had an opportunity to use them until recently.


A colleague of mine was testing an integration scenario and he bemoaned thus - "Every time I test an integration scenario, I have to login to the source system, to the destination system and additionally to the boomi account. In Boomi, I have to wade through the big list of processes, bring up the context menu and then really run the process. And I have to do this over and over and over again!"


As a developer, I had never really thought about this side of the story at all. This happened to be THE perfect opportunity to put AtomSphere APIs to work.


Introducing instantly
After spending more than month into the problem, I have come up with instantly - Chrome Web Store to manage your Boomi Processes right from your browser toolbar.


How to use INSTANTLY?

Login to instantly with your BOOMI account


  • Configure: Upon successful login, you can choose the process and the environment it's running in and pin it to your home page.

List Environments you have access to

Pin Processes

Run: Pinned processes are available on INSTANLY's homepage. Now, run the process whenever you want.

Run Processes

Where does INSTANTLY store data?

Everything is stored on your browser's local storage. It means, you are the owner of the app and data. No data is stored any where else. Don't believe me? take a look at INSTANTLY's code.


How secure is the communication?

  • All communication is between your browser and Dell Boomi APIs over HTTPs. So, it's as secure as logging on to https://platform.boomi.com
  • When interacting with your account via the API, all the same user roles, privileges, and environment restrictions are enforced just as they are for end users through the UI.


Are there any terms and conditions?

You're free to use INSTANTLY for personal and commercial purposes. 


To conclude:
Boomi is true digital platform that offers API level access to nearly all of its core features - that's darn awesome.
I built instantly using Boomi's APIs, because I believe it solves a real problem.
Do you also see value in this? Please use instantly and do let me know what you think about it. It's just the first cut. Your feedback is highly appreciated.