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Frequent issues with Dell Boomi Molecules and Jar files

Question asked by shaibayan.chakrabarti181935 on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by 68675834

Hi All,


Recently we are seeing multiple issues to our Boomi Molecules. Mostly MULTIPLE_HEADER_NODES and VIEW_ID_MISMATCH.

For this we have to stop all the Molecules, remove the .dat files from View folder and then do a controlled restart.


Also we are seeing NoClassDefError very frequently which at times resolves on its own and at times requires restart.

If it resolves on its own in the rerun we are not taking any action. If it persists we have to restart the Fileshare and Molecules to load the Jar files again. 


However, every time a restart is very time consuming.


What is the RCA for this and steps to prevent this? Any particular network setting that we need to implement in the Boomi Azzure server? Or some predefined steps for the Java Nodes? Or Configuration in Boomi Atom Management?