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Netsuite Connector - Using Search Filters on Custom Fields

Question asked by juan.chauta535287 on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by britto.parthalomew
I'm currently struggling to do a Netsuite Connector Query operation using a filter on a custom field. It looks like the only fields available to customize the query or filter on a specific field are the regular netsuite fields such as name, id, lastModDate, etc.
When importing the Query Profile using the Import Wizard on the Connector Operation, all of the custom fields are ignored when I try to pull in the operation for this custom object.
For example, take the Query response below. I'm trying to filter the response from a Saved Search Netsuite Query based on a specific date criteria that takes into account the lastModified field and the lastModified field under the custrecord_brl_ship_milestone_history custom field. Filtering on the lastModified is possible, but filtering on the second lastModified is not even showing on the filter selection (see screenshot).  Also, when generating the Response Profile, the custom fields below don't get pulled in. You see the CustomFieldList field, but nothing underneath. Any ideas if this is even possible.
Sample Saved Search Query response:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<setupCustom:WS_Buy_Request_LineSearchRow xmlns:setupCustom="" xmlns:xsi="">
<setupCustom:basic xmlns:platformCommon="">
<platformCommon:recType internalId="123" />
<platformCore:searchValue xmlns:platformCore="" internalId="307" />
<platformCore:searchValue xmlns:platformCore="">2016-12-05T11:57:00.000-08:00</platformCore:searchValue>
<platformCore:customField xmlns:platformCore="" internalId="899" scriptId="custrecord_brl_partner_sku" xsi:type="platformCore:SearchColumnStringCustomField">
<setupCustom:customSearchJoin xmlns:platformCommon="">
<platformCommon:customizationRef internalId="900" scriptId="custrecord_brl_ship_milestone_history" />
<platformCommon:searchRowBasic xsi:type="platformCommon:CustomRecordSearchRowBasic">
<platformCommon:recType internalId="10" />
<platformCore:searchValue xmlns:platformCore="">2016-09-28T20:39:00.000-07:00</platformCore:searchValue>


I appreciate any feedback. Thanks