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Unable to extract data from file

Question asked by venkata_anumolu444929 on Dec 8, 2016

Hi Team,


CompoundEmployee object earlier we were used direct_deposit for bank information. Now after implementing payment informationV3 interfaces are not working due to direct_deposit is not supporting . I am trying to map the effected fields of direct_deposit with paymentinformationV3 in CompoundEmployee object but I am getting error.

earlier in direct_deposit we have custom_string1 and custom_string2 was there but in paymentinformationV3 we don't have custom_string1 and custom_string2.  


The error I am getting is below.

" Unable to extract data from file, invalid element found. was looking for element with element key : 9380 and tag list key: 0"


How to resolve this issue, please help.