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Newbie Question: How to completely remove a parameter from a shape?

Question asked by rmatthews335179 on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by rmatthews335179

I started training on Boomi yesterday & came across what should be a very simple problem, yet the solution eludes me...


I created my 1st shape & added 2 parameters to it.  I decided to delete one of the two parameters by clicking the 'delete parameter' little "X" icon, which I did successfully.  Now on my process form however, my shape contains a tiny warning sign with the message that reads "Parameters (1 of 2 set)".  When I click "Test", I now receive an error message indicating it's still expecting a value for the 2nd parameter, which I thought I deleted.  The error message reads:

MALFORMED_QUERY: Account WHERE ( Type = 'Prospect' AND )


How can I completely remove this 2nd parameter?