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EDI: Outbound Data from SFDC / Response back from TP and update back to SFDC

Question asked by abhisheksharma390278 on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by AsheeshSharma6371

Hi Experts,

I'm trying my hands in EDIs for the first time.


We need to pull data from SFDC and send it to a third party system that accepts only X12 data format. Document type is 270. We will get a response back, Document type 271 and it needs to be updated back into SFDC.


Outbound Process:

As a first step, we are planning to use SFDC connector to pull data in Boomi. Create an EDI profile with 4010 version, Document type 270 and import the required segments.

Map the incoming data from SFDC with EDI profile created above as required.


Finally, send the data to target system.


I would like to know if shall we use a Trading Partner for sending the data or AS2 client connector. What's the difference?