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Map from IDOC XML to Multuple Record Flat file

Question asked by venkatesh.rupanagudi080702 on Dec 12, 2016
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I need to map a IDOC XML  to  Multiple Record Type Flat fixed format file. My Output file has 2 record types . A and E type.I have created Record Type E as child record of Parent A. when I map the values from source record to Target , the Record Type E does not get written at all , only record type A is written. Not sure what I have been doing wrong ?. Please clarify. But at the same time when I don't map to Record Type E and just have default constants  in Record Type E , I see both record types written. Again when I map some value from Source , the record type E does not get written.


2 Cases


1. Record Type E is written when default values are constants .

2. When I map to Record Type E from source , the record type E is not written.?


My problem with second case.