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IsPrimary Field Upsertion In PerPhone API

Question asked by ImranShaik7901 on Dec 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by vmanyam480662

Hi All,

i need to upsert the phone numbers in SFSF EC from an external file. I didn't have isPrimary field in the external file. i am having only phone type and phone number in the file. So per the client requirement, if the employee is already having phone numbers in the SFSF EC then it must contain one isPrimary as "yes". At this time i need to update the phone numbers only and i no need to update the isPrimary. if the employee doesn't have any phone info in SFSF EC then by default i need to give mobile phone as isPrimary(true).But i must need to give isPrimary value while upsertion. Here what i am doing is i am fetching the phone data and put this in the cache and using at the time of mapping.But i am unable to upsert the isPrimary properly.Can anyone tell me the better solution for this.