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How to connect Heroku application from Boomi's platform

Question asked by sushant.panigrahi020786 on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by asheeshkumar.sharma960440

Hi All


I am using HEROKU as a target and SFDC as a Source. 


I am using salesforce connector for SFDC,    and it is working fine,   but i want to know how to connect  HEROKU application from BOOMI platform. i want create records into HEROKU, but i don't know how to connect (action: get or send) HEROKU with boomi's platform. and how to import heroku file to map.



Should i use salesforce connector for HEROKU as well or should i use different approach to connect with heroku.

I have wsdl link.


Please help me for the same. 


Warm Regards

Sushant Panigrahi