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Component Deployments through AtomSphere API

Question asked by 47343951 on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Sean_P_Collins

We utilize AtomSphere API for process deployments.  I was excited for this next release as I saw we would be able to do the same for other components (API, Certificates, Process Routes, Trading Partner), based on the release notes:

ID: 8922

API components, Trading Partners, Process Routes, and Certificates are now deployable through the AtomSphere API.


I'm not finding any references in the documentation related to this.  Wondering if this was just a miss on the documentation side?


Deployment object still says:

NOTE: API components, Certificate components, and Process Route components cannot be independently deployed via the API. You must use the AtomSphere user interface to deploy those components.


If I use the Import method to create a Deployment CREATE AtomSphere API Operation, the request document does contain fields such as componentId and componentType.


Deploy processoperation has similar statements that it only supports Processes.



An aside, I see "The CREATE operation deploys the process having the specified ID to the environment having the specified ID"

Is this the same as "Deploy latest revision of this process"?  That would be great, if so.  It would further streamline our process to ensure developers deploy to the appropriate initial environment.