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Issues during salesforce upsert

Question asked by onivationgmbh on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by britto.parthalomew

Hello guys,


this community is very helpful with a whole bunch of faqs and knowledge base articles.

Currently, I am modeling a process to run on an atom and upsert an sap-idoc on a salesforce environment.

The Upsert is taken on an account which has a ten-digit text field with an external Id.


Strangely, the Salesforce API respsonse the following:

         <message>OBJ: Account - CustomerId__c not specified</message>

I've attached a screenshot for the relevent part of the process.


To ensure that the request is filled with values, I have written the profile of the Upsert shape into a file.

All fields, especially the external id, have values and the account currently does not exist in salesforce So I would expect an insert for this account.


Previously done steps:

-Reimport the Profile for upsert shape


Can you imagine where the mistake is?



Best regards