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How to pull SalesForce Attachments based on RecordType?

Question asked by rmatthews335179 on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by rmatthews335179

I need to retrieve SalesForce Attachments when the corresponding RecordType.sObjectType='CASE'.  My boomi issue however, is trying to create the join between the Attachments & RecordType tables.  I'm currently receiving the following error when trying to test my join:

INVALID_FIELD: Attachment.Owner.Contact.RecordType.Id


In my SalesForce Operation, I did an import of the "Attachment" object type.  I then drilled down into the following objects under "Parent Objects", to try to join the Attachment & RecordType tables:

  • Owner > Contact > RecordType

I then checked "RecordType" (in doing so, the Owner & Contact objects were auto-checked as well).


Once I finished importing, I attempted a myriad of attempts to filter my Salesforce Operation results based on "RecordType.sObjectType='CASE'", but each time gives me an error similar to what I've mentioned above.  


What am I doing wrong?