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Boomi/Netsuite File parsing Checkbox mapping

Question asked by sony1118 on Feb 10, 2017
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The data file which I get from vendor is semicolon separated though called as csv. However it is not the issue


My issue is Data file has a field A – which is total number of records data was collected for (cannot be more than 25)


Then there is next field called B which is internally separated by vertical bar.(it is a list of all individual record for field A)


So for example: field A says 5  then field B would be aaa-1|aaa-2|aaa-3|aaa-20|aaa-25


So I want to do a string split by vertical bar as function for field B and the total outputs should be equal to the qty provided in field A (so some kind of logic to write to).. I can probably search through the help section and work on it.


Then in Netsuite Mapping for my custom records fields are created for each individual elements of field B (all 25 because max field A will be 25)which are check box

So aaa 1 – Check box

aaa 2 –Check Box

aaa 3 –Check Box and so on till aaa 25 – Check Box


So When I have the string split done by vertical bar and then by “-“ , I can get the actual number , so if in my file if aaa #1 is present then I should be able to check box enabled for that in Netsuite.


Is this doable ? or I am asking too much. mapping netsuite split customrecords checkbox