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Data in MDF object is not upserting but when i edit in Successfactor, than values are upserting.

Question asked by jpatel711202 on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by ManuThommes7331

Hi All,


I try to upsert data in MDF Odata api but it showing error for some case.

Cust_Discipline data i m trying to upsert using EXECUTE option but if i make EDIT in the SFSF and save then i am able to upsert data for the employee.

But if i didn't do anything for the employee in the portlet(SFSF), then it showing error.

ERROR:: Save composite batch with same parent failed! Invalid navigation key! {cust_DisciplineDetail/externalCode=1562, cust_DisciplineDetail/cust_DisciplineHeader_externalCode=00001562} with the index 0


but for the same employee i make edit and save no mannual value given for that, then after i try data is upserted using EXECUTE operation.



Suggest me the solution or its a way of upserting data in the MDF object that make and edit and save then we can upsert the data.