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How can I include an add'l parameter, that I'm manually setting, to my UPSERT query?

Question asked by rmatthews335179 on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by okurkute010794

How can I UPSERT an additional field into my database, which is a value I'm manually setting?


My process is pulling data from Sales Force & inserting into our local database.  This general process works fine, however  I've included a new piece into the mix, that evaluates some of the sales force data before I insert it into our database.  I evaluate the data, then I created a "Set Properties Shape" to manually assign a value to a new parameter I created (called "ActivityId").  


I'd then like to include this new ActivityId parameter into my Database Operation, but I keep receiving errors when trying to set this up.

What's the best way to upsert this new parameter I've created, so that it upserts with the rest of my database operation?