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Cache LookUp doesnot return correct value in Business Rule Shape

Question asked by shalini_jain997133 on Feb 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by aarthi_sridhar

Hi All,


I am facing an issue while retrieving the value from Document Cache Lookup in Business Rule Shape .

Below is the example what I am doing:


1. Created a Document Cache with XML profile. This Document Cache has Compound Employee profile and I have used qualifier and identifier while storing the data in Cache. E.g. for Email Address I have used qualifier as lets say "Business" and then storing its first occurrence in the cache.


2. Now, when I use this Document Cache in Business Rule Shape and try to retrieve value from the XML node having Email address information ( which is having qualifier set as "Business" and Occurrence as 1 ), I am getting value as NULL

Can you please help me understand why I am getting NULL in Business Rule Shape while extracting data from qualifier node.Is there any way to resolve this issue?


Also, When I use same profile in Map and retrieve the data from the same node with qualifier and occurrence it gives me correct result.


Thanks & Best Regards,