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Merging xml documents representing individual logical records

Question asked by cnaughto529503 on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari

I'm trying to batch documents, which represent single logical records, in a process so that my update call sends all the documents in one call. My thinking is that I can use the Combine Documents processing step within a Data Process shape to accomplish this.


Assuming that is the right way to go about this (if it's not, let me know), I'm encountering some unexpected behavior.


When I set the combine element to "Id", the only the resulting document only includes a list of Ids - the other elements of the document aren't included at all. So, I attempted to set the combine element at the root level (in this case, Project) - that just gives me an error indicating that I cannot combine documents at the root level.


I should also note that I set it up to combine documents into a new profile, which is essentially a copy of my source profile with an additional parent element (see @johnmoore8551's example here: Merge multiple documents to one (XML's) ).


What am I doing wrong here?