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Wildcard Search for Dynamic Filename using Hour/Minutes

Question asked by faisal.ali397074 on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Lee Sobotkin


I have a file on the SFTP with name and date timestamp: outbound_MMDDYYYY_HHMMSS.csv


This file is created everyday and I am creating a Boomi process to pickup the file daily. As the filename is dynamic, how do I configure Boomi to include a search for a dynamic filename?


Since the Boomi process runs daily, I can capture, using the date mask, up to MMDDYYYY, using the system date value. But I won't know the exact HHMMSS - I have tried the following wildcard search but I am not finding the file:



Is this the correct approach? Can someone suggest another way to search for the file using a dynamic value/wildcard for the hour/minute/second?