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Query retrieving Process Property com.boomi.execution.lastsuccessfulrun coming in Boomi Process

Question asked by shalini_jain997133 on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by mastan.kothapalli099061

Hi All,


I have a question. I am settng up value for  com.boomi.execution.lastsuccessfulrun date but when the same is retrieved in Boomi Set properties Shape, I am not getting the same time that I set in front-end


E.g. I set up below time - 28th Feb 2017 00.00.00 from front0end. Now, my molecule is having UTC timezone so when this Boomi property is retrieved in process , the time I am getting is time converted in UTC i.e 27th Feb 2017 18:30


The mask i have used in Boomi Set-Properties shape is - yyyyMMdd HHmmss.SSS

Can anyone please suggest why this is happening, Why it didnot pick the date that I gave as UTC even though in my user settings I have defined my timezone as UTC only.



Boomi Process: