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Issues with commas performing a Salesforce upsert

Question asked by chris.winkley584099 on Feb 28, 2017

Boomi seems to be stripping commas from ShippingStreet and BillingStreet values when performing an upsert using the Salesforce connector. I have attached the XML source document I get when looking at the logs in Boomi (Boomi.xml). The XML has the ShippingStreet and BillingStreet values formatted correctly with the commas prior to performing the Salesforce upsert. When I look at the values in the Salesforce they are stored without the commas.


I have then performed a Salesforce upsert with the same values (SOAPUI.xml) using SOAPUI and the same input message and the values are stored correctly (with commas) in the Salesforce database.


I have attached both xml messages.