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Multiple data formats in a single file

Question asked by britto.parthalomew on Feb 28, 2017

Hi Folks,


I have a new requirement where I have to process single CSV file with multiple data formats (Possibly 4 profile generation). Though I have done the development and testing I am looking for better idea or better solution approach from the community.

Sample test data below

Header - 101,A,204,02/28/2017 - Has 33 elements

Details - 101,C,222,234,345,456,asdf,werty,poiu,lkjh,2000000,0000,98876 - Has 64 elements and will have more entries

Summary - 101,B,20329,58475,0000,0000 - Has 25 elements

Trailer - 101,Z,10,4343,uyrere,0000


The requirement is...

1. Single entry to NS where the profile should include some values from Header and some from Summary section.

2. The NS response (InternalID) from point number 1 should be mapped to another NS profile along with the values from Details section. This could be more than one entries.

3. Trailer section could be ignored but still the data will come in the CSV


I am not sharing my solution approach because this might manipulate your ideas